In the wake of the “Trump Tape”, we’ve seen all sorts of hypocrisy and virtue signalling on display. I’ve seen men who have treated their wives live crap pretend that they are morally superior when it comes to treatment of women or those who have had a porn addiction problem also complain about the mote in Trump’s eye (and for something that wasn’t assault – assault would mean NO consent. The exact phrase Trump said was “they let you do it”, which means consent. Either “no means no” or it doesn’t. Be consistent).

Ann Coulter makes a great point in that regard along with tackling the obviously manufactured line-up of women accusers who never made the accusations until after this tape (some strong language). Rush Limbaugh today is also asking “is it not time that you act suspicious of this???” after years and years of EVERY Republican being dragged through the mud on made up sex charges.

After all of this, we’ve seen people like Glenn Beck and the Deseret News make claims that Hillary Clinton is the “moral” & “Ethical” choice in this election. We all know how Mitt Romney feels about it too. Then again, Mitt was never a posterboy for consistency but most Saints ignored that to support one of our own. He did a heckuva job digging up stuff on Obama, such as Obama acting in a lewd manner in front of women that was never reported on until the other day well after it mattered.

Given that one high-profile Mormon after the other seems enamored with the Clinton machine, whether directly or indirectly, we should take this time to compare Mrs. Clinton with another figure that these morally superior Mormons to you and me should be familiar with – Gadianton.

Gadianton, The Election of Judges Year 40 And The Siren Song of the 3rd Party

Gadianton rose to power in the wake of a tumultuous Nephite election that was split between three candidates. The 3rd party loser, Paanchi, led a #NeverPahoran movement that became so vitriolic that Paanchi was arrested for treason and one of his followers, Kishkumen decided to assassinate the Chief Judge. In the wake of political turmoil, Pahoran’s replacement was killed in a Lamanite invasion of Zarahemla. Once things finally settled down, the 3rd party loser still was executed but Kishkumen lived to see Helaman take power and then entered one Gadianton (Helaman 2: 4-5).

For there was one Gadianton, who was exceedingly expert in many words, and also in his craft, to carry on the secret work of murder and of robbery; therefore he became the leader of the band of Kishkumen.

 Therefore he did flatter them, and also Kishkumen, that if they would place him in the judgment-seat he would grant unto those who belonged to his band that they should be placed in power and authority among the people; therefore Kishkumen sought to destroy Helaman.

I believe that no other chapters in the Book of Mormon reflect the present situation in the USA at this time than Helaman 1-2.

It’s also important to point out that the Evan McMullin strategy is seeking to create a similar situation that would leave the country in such a fractured state that our enemies could take advantage of it. In Helaman, this was instigated by Pahoran’s assassination. The Nephite government was left in shambles and the Lamanites attacked the heartland to take advantage of it.

In McMullin’s case, the strategy is less bloody at first but is just as naive. That is – he gets installed into power by Congress by winning Utah (granted, how you use 6 EVs as leverage against the couple hundred of Trump or Clinton, good luck). With that, he would have at most 1-2% of the popular vote and thinks that the rest of the country wouldn’t have a huge issue with a disliked Congress installing an obvious puppet in place. He’s running to be Pacumeni.

If you think that we don’t have enemies who take advantage of such political turmoil to attack us, then I have a timeshare to sell you. ISIS and its sympathizers have already launched several attacks on American soil. Obama’s ineptitude in Syria while constantly making unfounded accusations against the Russian’s is currently causing war drums to be beat at a pitch we haven’t seen since the Cold War. Iran has been given over a billion dollars and is still taunting us while beating their own war drums. We’re in a precarious situation that would only be made worse by a rigged system installing some nobody that 99% of the country has never heard of nor voted for.

I really have to ask the question of McMullin supporters how a guy who made lousy decisions as a CIA Agent in making friends with ISIS terrorists is fit to lead the country during incredibly dangerous times such as these and who seeks to be installed as President as opposed to the proper democratic process.

However, the more likely reality is that people like McMullin will siphon off enough votes from Trump to effectively give Hillary an advantage. This is not the first time that such a thing has occured in American politics. Back in 1992, 18.9% of the American public voted for a candidate known as Ross Perot. In state after state, the votes were close enough that without Perot, enough votes would have gone to Bush to give him a second term. Utah in particular gave Perot more votes than they did Clinton but he still failed to win a single Electoral Vote. The effect? We got the shame that has been the Clinton family:


Hillary Clinton/ Gadianton 2016

Hillary is certainly polished if anything. Sure, some of us see that as robotic, scripted and fake but still, being crafty with words is what makes for typical American politician. We have already pointed out the gross corruption before with Clinton Cash as a great visual source for documenting just some of their shady dealings but now I would like to ask some questions of these highly moral Saints like Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, Mormons for Hillary and the Deseret News:

Before we get into these, do recall that in front of closed door/no media speeches, she said that “you need both a public and a private position.”  In the world I was raised in, that sort of double talk is known as “lying” but I guess we’re all so used to it now that it doesn’t matter. No editorials from the Deseret News calling for her to drop out of the race for being two-faced and untrustworthy. Just a cowardly and dishonest “we don’t think she’s that great but Congress will certainly oppose her!”

(Yeah, they sure have put up a fight against Obama, haven’t they?)

How ethical was it that under President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s watch that she allowed Americans in Benghazi to be murdered, denying their security requests even during the attack then attacking a citizen’s 1st Amendment rights by getting him thrown into jail for a video that had nothing to do with the attack? As I recall, murder and lying are what unraveled the kingdom and salvation of a guy named David. You might remember him.

I guess her getting the rapist of a 12-year old off the hook when she knew he was guilty is of high moral character, right Glenn? That woman’s life was ruined but we can’t let that prevent our superiors from enjoying life now can we? Why, that sounds like something that George Washington might do! Or John Adams! You speak about these guys like you know them personally so I’ll let you make the call.

By elite logic, it is ethical and logical to have foisted an evil law upon the public that has made health insurance such a scam with premiums skyrocketing to insane levels (in my personal life, coverage for a family of five with Obamacare was going to be over $1000 a month so we went to Medi-Share). Clinton wants to expand the program until it becomes equal to Canadian Health Care, which has been proven to be a disaster . BTW – Please explain to me Mitt, Glenn and Deseret editorial board how people losing their health plans over and over again thanks to a Federal law championed by President Obama and Hillary Clinton isn’t evil and immoral? Granted, I’m sure you don’t care since you’re all rich enough to not even realize what pain the American people are actually going through. MUST FREAK OUT OVER TRUMP’S WORDS!

Or maybe it was her running top secret military information through an unsecure, illegal and private server was totally something we should expect our leaders to do? Her getting off the hook on that when sailors are jailed for taking pictures aboard a nuclear submarine with classified locations in the background, that sounds moral and unlike a banana republic, right? Sure, people in her inner circle knew it was corrupt and illegal but since the Clinton-friendly FBI and DOJ let her slide, that makes it ok, according to Deseret News logic.

Maybe Hillary’s proposed forced annual drug screening of all teenagers in violation of the 4th Amendment is something that Mitt Romney could get behind since no one ever could figure out what position he held on any particular issue.

Or that the situation in the Middle East by creating and arming ISIS, which has in turn lead to over 1 million dead and millions more displaced. Her and President Obama are directly responsible for that mess, so is that “moral”, Deseret News?

Directly tied to that, Hillary wants to massively increase the number of Muslim refugees into the United States. No vetting, just let them in. That has worked wonders for women’s rights and safety in Europe. What’s that Mitt? You were too busy clutching at your pearls to pay attention to what’s going on in the real world?

Or maybe I missed those sermons at Church that charity is about enriching yourself and your politically connected friends while leaving the poor, needy and suffering in the dust like the Clintons have done in Haiti?

And who could blame the Clinton campaign for illegally filling out the absentee ballots for her at an Assisted Living Facility in FL. We’re sure those individuals would have voted for her anyways, ain’t that swell?

I’m sure that Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck and the Deseret News all appreciate the fact that Hillary was instrumental in selling off a portion of US uranium interests to Russia in a deal known as “Uranium One.” National security? Well we can’t have any of that when we are just one big happy world, united in singing kumbaya while tyrants oppress and murder their people.

I’m also sure that Americans who suffer from the violence, the drugs, the sex trafficking thanks to a wide open Southern border will also enjoy more of this under Hillary. Those all seem like ethical and moral acts to continue to dump on the citizens of the United States, right?

And I’m sure that Hillary’s often stated public position of going after the 1st Amendment and “Citizens United” is another one of those moral things that you in the rungs of power are applauding behind the scenes. You can’t have us plebes rocking the boat as a more compliant citizenry would mean you’ll get richer and maybe even more spiritual?

Let’s not forget, if she holds Trump supporters in contempt as “deplorables; irredeemable“, “rednecks“, “has begun to hate everyday Americans“(no, not the phrase like the media is spinning but you and me) and has a campaign culture of hating on people of faith, you can be sure that the private position for her about Mormons while she “reaches out” in Utah is seething with bigotry and contempt. Although I almost forgot, Beck himself enjoys engaging bigotry himself by comparing Trump supporters with Nazi brownshirts.

Granted, you’re supposed to change your beliefs to make way for laws by her vision. That sounds like free agency, right fellow Saints? I’m sure that God is tired of us taking a wishy-washy stance on abortion by rarely talking about it or speaking out against it and would prefer that we go full bore in support of more dead babies!

Or how about that “morally superior” Hillary Clinton wanting to take your guns away.

Granted, this video isn’t that surprising as Hillary hasn’t been shy about wanting to demolish the 2nd amendment and considers all gun owners to be “terrorists“.

The Clinton Campaign has a cavalier attitude towards actual sexual assault and contempt for voter registration if that person registers as a Republican.

That isn’t even everything but I think you get the idea.


The Church had better be very careful about this pseudo-endorsement method of continually concern trolling one candidate (Donald Trump) while completely ignoring the other and the laundry list of corrupt acts. When high profile Saints make embarrassing statements like Glenn Beck, they  should be censured by the Church but instead, you get the silent endorsement.

Many people out here in the real world are noticing this and are feeling like these inconsistent and selective views that are held by Beck, Romney or the Church’s own newspaper, the Deseret News are being endorsed by the Church. If the Church is going to stay politically neutral then it should stay 100% politically neutral. Otherwise, understand the true danger to our Republic and call that out instead of giving more weight to words said in private over real actions taken by a lifelong politician who has damaged and destroyed more lives that one can count.

At the end of the day, we have to ask – how will the silent support of the modern Gadianton help the Gospel move forward? Are we supposed to ignore Moroni’s warnings and pretend that meant something else?