First off, the big story of the day. Ted Cruz and others during the Republican primary tried to paint Donald Trump as responsible for some violent events that occurred prior to, during or after his rallies earlier this year. As it turns out, this is all a co-ordinated effort by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to paint Trump into a caricature that is easy for them to destroy (recall Mitt Romney being painted as the worst human being in the world by being responsible for the cancer of one of his employee’s wives and being cruel to animals? Same thing) Via MagaFeed:

This is what evil looks like folks. Corruption is rampant in our government and media. I call it the Government-Media Industrial Complex. It is a secret combination that seeks to destroy our liberty. Trump for any of his personal faults has made part of his campaign about weeding out the corruption in government…given how that complex is reacting to him, you know that they fully believe what he says when he will tear down what they have going. This Complex is actively colluding together to keep their status quo gravy train running (bonus link: 96% of “journalists” are contributing to the Clinton campaign) and that involves screwing us little people in the process. Hillary Clinton does not represent LDS values in any manner, shape or form.

Also important news: The FBI Offered A Bribe By A Clinton Aide to Reclassify Emails. Zero consequences.

Evan McMullin’s Mask Continues to Drop

Speaking of LDS Values, we have more news from the 3rd party campaign that all Utah news outlets are touting like it is the greatest thing ever. I have mentioned on this blog several times how it isn’t moral for his strategy to only play for a couple of states. If you’re going to try and be the leader of the country you should only play for all 50 states, no bones about it. In an interview, his mask drops as to his true purpose – watch til the end where he charges that Donald Trump is an “authoritarian” and thus keeping him out of office (and putting Hillary in charge) is what he would rather see:

Sorry Mr. McMullin but it’s not “the right thing” to put Hillary Clinton, the Gadianton of our time, into office. It isn’t moral. It isn’t what is best for this country. The religion you purport to follow has very strong language in the Book of Mormon that speaks out against individuals as corrupt as Hillary and simply stating that he’s an “authoritarian” makes zero case for that charge.

People of Utah and fellow Latter-Day Saints – please do not vote for this charlatan. He obviously came from big money donors from the powers that be and has been woefully unprepared to assume the job of the United States. I would not be surprised if it turns out that the money behind his campaign is from the DNC/Clinton campaigns to this purpose. Since they are actively funding and fostering any violence at Trump rallies,  you know that this the combination is lashing out to keep their power.