This has been a long election season, really having started back in Summer 2015. With it being the day before the election, I want to share the final batch of reasons to vote FOR Donald Trump as opposed to some other candidate.

Back in 2010, the “Tea Party” became a political movement to push back against Obama’s socialist change of American politics and culture. Donald Trump is the essential Tea Party Candidate – he’s right on jobs and trade, right on taxes, right on healthcare, right on national security and right about “draining the swamp” of corruption that is embedded into Washington D.C.  He has a contract with you, the American voter and he’s serious about making those changes happen.

That contract is part of his character that goes well before the election season. Check out this great story:

Also worth your consideration:

Article: Trump is the Safe, Smart Choice For Change

Don’t forget that the Supreme Court AND the appellate courts are in play too. The appellate courts are already hard left and the SC has served as a great rubber stamp for the Obama agenda on most items.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most radical abortion loving extremists to hold any political office. Spare me your pearl clutching over “principles” and “morals” when you support this sort of barbaric and immoral practice by supporting her.

Hillary will preside over the final decline of the Republic, which has been badly damaged by her and her corruption, also with President Obama’s change which culminates with encouraging illegal aliens to vote.

Trump rose on his immigration stances, something that millions of Americans have been wanting for decades – legal immigrants want it too.

Trump will get the immoral law of Obamacare repealed and replaced with something market-based and sensible.

Hillary Clinton and Evan McMullin are on the same page, gladly support bad trade policies which have killed American jobs such as NAFTA and TPP. Donald Trump recognizes the damage that these policies have done to the American economy and worker and wants to change this to put us first.

Donald Trump is the anti-politician. A businessman his entire life, he is the true outsider. And this has the establishment of our Kabuki Republic scared to the bone. He will instigate changes on our Federal government which will restrict their power to enrich themselves – just like the U.S. Constitution was originally designed to do – and in the process weed out massive pockets of corruption in the process.

Keep in mind, a lot of the allegations thrown against him have been proven false and the DNC was planning on inventing false charges against him in May. They would have done this regardless the Republican nominee. Remember how they treated Mitt Romney by implying he killed an employee’s wife with cancer, was cruel to animals and hated women? This is the Democrat playbook to fight with lies and dirt.

We can also thank Wikileaks for shining a light on the deep rooted corruption between the government-media complex in this country. As we have learned through the DNC and John Podesta emails, the Democratic National Committee routinely works with their “friends” in the media to attack the opposition.

Millions of Americans are seeing through the media lies, as well as the caricatures that are invented by Hillary Clinton or Evan McMullin, that he’s a dangerous authoritarian or “Hitler”. Granted they offer no evidence for these assertions (or especially the hypocrisy of that coming from Hillary Clinton) and ignore the massive and successful business that he built up over the years. This is why he has consistently enjoyed massive turnout at rally after rally, including a line 2.5 miles long to see him last night in VA. More examples:

Enormous crowd in the “blue” state of Michigan yesterday:

If you ever felt like “striking a blow” against the secret combinations that plague our society, then this is our chance. America is ready to be great again. Make it happen by voting for Donald Trump!