With the election finally upon us, Donald Trump has released this ad as his closing argument for the country.

If you are still hung up on his character flaws, Retired Gen. Robert Oaks had a great response to that on Rod Arquette’s radio show yesterday – events happen and people mature with time. Visiting thousands upon thousands of people across the country during this campaign, he has often mentioned personal stories that have personally affected him. That includes the stories of families who have lost a loved one to a violent illegal alien to yesterday in PA where he heard a family talk about the death of their son in an accident. There’s no question that Mr. Trump loves this country and his policies are “America First”.

Where he will Drain The Swamp in Washington D.C., he’s our best hope to fix some of our most pressing problems. If you need to “vote your conscience”, then hang your conscience on him fixing the immigration problem for once, getting constitution favored judges in place in both the Supreme court and appellate courts; lowering taxes; fixing bad trade deals; not letting terrorists in through the front door and blocking them at the border.