As most visitors to this site are simply looking for info on Evan McMullin, I’ve not been spending a lot of time on writing posts. I still maintain that if anyone is a plant to attempt hand her victory, it’s McMullin. He’s pro-NAFTA, pro-TPP, wants a refugee policy like Germany (which is destroying both German culture and law and resulting in massive waves of anti-women treatment) and seems to have a very difficult time being forthcoming on details other than he’s not Donald Trump. He’s such an obvious plant meant to flip Utah and Utah only (not even showing up in nationwide polls) but that doesn’t seem to phase certain people who think that it’s “principled” to back a guy who openly touts that becoming the most powerful person in the world should be done by the voice of the powerful in Congress and not by the voice of the people.

So moving on from that distraction, the Gadianton of our time, Hillary Clinton, is in the news. Her campaign has entered pure desperation mode from the revelation that over 650,000 emails between her and her “like a 2nd daughter” aide Huma Abedin were discovered on Huma’s pervert husband’s devices as he is being investigated on child pornography charges.

That “2nd daughter” is not someone who should be in the White House either, if people knew more about her then they would be up in arms:

In ramping up her charges that the “vast right-wing conspiracy” is seeking to prevent her from the throne, her campaign tries to blame her problems on Russia but the FBI says there is no evidence connecting Trump with the Kremlin, Putin or other Russian entities.

This comes as it turns out that the FBI is investigating about everyone around Hillary Clinton. But sure, Never Trumpers like Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney think that it’s highly moral and ethical to install her into office because they don’t like what Donald Trump says and hate his anti-globalist policies.

Hillary For Women? Not only did she help get the rapist of a 12-year old girl off the hook back in the 70s, as Secretary of State she entirely ignored the gang rape of a CBS journalist in Egypt, continuing to provide that country US taxpayer money and support.

Hillary believes it’s a bad thing that paying men and women equally if they do just as good a job.

Black Religious Leaders Rip Clinton Over Her Economic Policy and Rabid Support Of Abortion

Pay-For-Play under Hillary’s State Department on full display from the Wikileaks emails

And last but hardly least, like Evan McMullin, Hillary loves war and conflict in the Middle East as it makes certain people with the right power connections quite rich. Why are countries who are funding ISIS donating in large amounts to the Clinton Foundation?

The choice we have a week from now is to have this corruption become more entrenched and enriched or we can say enough is enough and “Drain the swamp” in DC by putting Donald Trump in the White House.