With every election comes a choice and this time around it is a battle between the corrupt Oligarchs who bow down to the altar of Global Fascism (Hillary Clinton) and the freedom-loving patriots who seek to place America First (Donald Trump).

With the election in the final stretch, Donald Trump is making his final case to the American voter. The other day he held his “Gettysburg Address” where his “Contract With the American Voter” was offered as he outlined his first 100 days in office. For a summary of that contract:

If you believe the polls then you might think that this race is tight and that what Trump is offering isn’t resonating with a huge swath of the electorate. Well, the reality of what is going on out in the country is much different from the designed narrative that the Clinton Campaign wants you to believe:

This video is interesting too, for comparison.

If you have more time on your hands then check out the speech here below. I know this stuff just grates on the “Never Trump” people whose pride is more important than the future of the country but for patriots everywhere, the positive, conservative changes that Trump will bring are likely to shake things up better than what Ronald Reagan managed to do. That’s a tall order for sure but just the clean-up of the gross corruption in Washington is something that is badly needed at this point in time as it is difficult to see the country seeing four more years of that continuing onward.