How many times have we heard through this election, from people like Hillary Clinton or Glenn Beck or Evan McMullin that “We cannot trust Donald with the nuclear codes!”?

So please explain to me valiant NeverTrumpers, how exactly is Hillary going to be great for US National Security when she reveals some of the highest grade secret information to the entire world during a debate in a feeble attempt to make herself look good?

THIS IS INFORMATION THAT WAS ONLY KNOWN TO A SMALL HANDFUL OF PEOPLE. If you’ve ever watched a spy movie, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Need to Know Basis“. That isn’t an invention of fiction, there actually is a limited group of people given access to NTK information. In the case of our nuclear capabilities, the Secretary of State included.

This did not go unnoticed: Military Officials Furious After Hillary Lets Out Top Secret Information During Debate

They are calling for her arrest but we all know that such a thing won’t happen since she is clearly above the law that the rest of us little people have to follow. Perhaps they just need to have her babysit as that becomes “overwhelming” for Hillary to handle.

Hillary Clinton is a warmonger who received millions of dollars from nations and groups who find that “War is good for business”. 3rd party candidate Jill Stein has also charged that a vote for Hillary is a vote for nuclear war

Also, don’t forget that time when Vice President Joe Biden directly pointed out the agent who is with him that has the nuclear codes. Or the time when Joe Biden unveiled the top secret location of where the Vice President is supposed to go during a major attack.

But according to Utah and Latter-Day Saint favorite Evan McMullin, Hillary is going to be better in the White House because ???

Way to place the country above your bank account and integrity there Evan. Oh right, I forget, he’s all about “principles“.