In his first rally since the debate last night, Donald Trump went to Delaware, OH where he shared some thoughts on the debate but also made some announcements regarding his economic policy. The economy is always one of the biggest issues on the minds of voters and he has the best plans in spades. I’d highly recommend watching this speech; The Conservative Treehouse has a written transcript where he details the “America First Economic Desk”. He does spend some time explaining the “rigged” stuff, which I will get into a little more after the video :

Senator Mike Lee won’t like this since he has an anti-Trump narrative he’s getting paid to feign outrage over but in case you hadn’t heard about the issues regarding the rigging of the election, well you owe it to yourself to see what the Democrats are working hard on. Voter fraud cases are also up around the country:

Democrat after democrat calls the system “rigged” but it only is dangerous when Trump says it, according to Utah’s esteemed Jr. Senator.

-Significant Voter Fraud alleged in Indiana

-Voter fraud uncovered in Berkeley, CA

-Texas has setup a line offering rewards for voter fraud concerns

And there are more you can find with simple web searches and voter fraud. It’s naive to think that this isn’t going on and that the powers that be in the Federal government are doing little to stop it (the Democrats of course, always pushing to spread the fraud around).

I also have to keep saying this to fellow Utahns but what Evan McMullin is seeking to do is commit the biggest rigging of the election in history. Let’s really think this out instead of feel:

If the McMullin strategy actually worked and he managed to be installed as President by Congress by only getting 6 Electoral Votes and maybe a few/several hundred thousand votes against Trump & Hillary’s millions of personal votes, how would that not be seen as completely rigged?

His name isn’t even going to be printed on all ballots where he can only be written in; most of the country doesn’t have a clue who he is and he would somehow become President without going through the full vetting process that other candidates and their parties had to do?

Both Democrats and Republicans would say it was rigged in that case (and they would be right – not fair for them to not be picked by Congress and it thrown to a 3rd party nobody) and he would have no mandate to lead (especially no moral mandate).

Given that countries like Russia, Iran, North Korea and China keep banging war drums and we still have ISIS and Al Queada to worry about, the self-serving path to power for McMullin would leave our country in an enormously dangerous time – again, with parallels to Helaman 1.