Tonight at the last Presidential debate, the subject of the Supreme Court is supposed to be discussed. This is a major, major issue that matters with every election but particularly now more than ever. Major decisions by the court have codified evil into our culture, such as making America one of the most radical countries in the world when it comes to supporting abortion. The evil law of Obamacare, which has wrecked personal finances across the country making it less affordable to access decent care, was upheld by the Supreme Court. The millenia old doctrine and practice of marriage was turned on its head. The Supreme Court as would be shaped by Hillary Clinton will only continue the march of radical ideals that threaten our God-given rights.

So if you are on the fence about Trump, you really need to take this into consideration. Many liberties are at stake given the power that these nine judges hold in modern society. As we’ve seen with Obama, the Senate fails to put up a fight no matter how extreme to the Left a nominee is (only exception is holding the line on the replacement for Scalia, which is in effect because votes were already being cast for President). More details on this vitally important issue can be found at