The chances of you hearing about this on mainstream media channels is minimal as this is enormously damaging to the secret, backroom combination that the prophets Mormon and Moroni warned us about. This is how the Democrat Party operates to maintain their grip of power over us the American people.As mentioned yesterday, Donald Trump has put out some reform ideas to begin to weed out corruption in our government. Something that will certainly NOT happen if Hillary is put into the WH.

The first video that Project Veritas yesterday showed evidence of felony-grade illegal activity that organizations tied directly to the Clinton campaign have undertaken to paint Trump supporters as violent. The second video is even worse in detailing how they steal votes.

NOTE: With Youtube being a part of the Government-Media Complex racket, they have been shadowbanning these videos by putting them under “Restricted” mode. If you can’t watch them, you’ll need to log-in to your account and turn Restricted Mode off.

Do note that there is strong language used by the Democrat operatives.


Video #1:

Video #2: