Earlier today at a rally in Green Bay, WI, Donald Trump brought up the aggravating news that the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton campaign colluded together to free Hillary and her aides from any consequences regarding her mishandling of classified materials and destruction of Congressionally subpoenaed evidence.

In an effort to combat the gross corruption that has wrecked the Rule of Law in this country, he has released a plan for five reforms to begin uprooting corruption from federal public ‘service’. The plan is at that link above but to summarize:

#1 – Ask Congress to pass a law that will re-institute the 5-year ban on lobbying by Executive Branch officials. This will prevent abuse by a tyrant like Obama from simply doing away with policy via executive order.

#2 – Expand that lawful ban to Congress and their staffs.

#3 – Expand the definition of ‘lobbyist’ to close the “consultant/advisor” loophole that they consistently abuse.

#4 – Institute a lifetime ban on senior executive branch officials from being able to lobby for a foreign government.

#5 – Work with Congress to pass campaign finance reform that would also ban registered foreign lobbyists from being able to raise money in American elections.

I’ve been asked in social media why should you vote for Trump; I’m also seeing searches of people looking for moral justification to vote for him in the wake of the vulgar comments. We can list out many – he’ll be light-years better on the economy, on taxes, on the Bill of Rights (particularly the 2nd amendment), getting the collapsing and evil Obamacare law repealed, fixing our immigration problems and the drugs & crime that extend from that and more. As the “law & order” candidate, re-establishing the Rule of Law through Ethics Reforms is another huge reason to add to the top of the pile.

Be warned though, the powers that be are not going to take this lightly. The more votes that he has behind him on Nov. 8th, the bigger his mandate will be to be able to institute these badly needed changes. Our Republic does hang in the balance as Hillary’s election would solidify the roots of the corruption and it that will NOT end well for the country. Trump is offering true reforms and change that can put our Republic onto the right path. I would say that is moral.