I get a little exhausted from trying to follow the amount of corruption that is being revealed by the Wikileaks dumps and feel like I’ve just been shouting at a wall between that and shady 3rd party efforts to derail the Trump campaign in Mormon-heavy areas. So let’s focus on some positives.

More people are tuning into Donald Trump’s rallies and I think that these offer you a better glimpse into the policies that he will enact as President. I prefer them to the debates since he can get into as much detail as he wants over the time.

THIS IS NOT COVERING ALL RALLIES THAT HE HOLDS. While Clinton has basically given up campaigning – announcing a stop then canceling a day in advance so the event stays on the website to make it looks like she’s not sitting at home counting her cash – Trump has been holding events every day except for Sundays. If anyone is in it to win it, he certainly is.

Green Bay, WI – TODAY, 5PM MST

Mike Pence rally from earlier today:

Portsmouth, NH – 10/15/2016:

Charlotte, NC – 10/14/16

And just for old times sake, the Donald Trump Biography video that played at the RNC: