I’m seeing droves of pearl clutching and dishonest posts on Facebook, particularly in weak-kneed friends who are saying that Evan McMullin is their only hope for a clear conscience ( a guy who lies about his VP and is caught making friends with ISIS operatives isn’t the “right choice”).

I get that many are baffled as to Donald Trump’s support. This excellent article over at The Conservative Treehouse nails it in one word – AUTHENTICITY. Read this article and share it.

It demonstrates that Trump wasn’t a stompy foot mudslinger last night – he was “raw” as the hipsters like to say. He was showing that he isn’t going to take it anymore.

Rush Limbaugh also touched on this in his first hour today. Donald Trump has not lived his life figuring out how to manipulate the public, plotting and scheming for power like 99% of politicians out there.

He is also threatening a very powerful system of Globalism – a system that adores and enables tyranny, open borders, loss of US sovereignty, loss of US jobs, enriching the already powerful and well connected. The Republican Party is just as enamored with Globalism as the Democrats are – the “Tea Party revolution” fizzled out as politicians cowered in the face of baseless attacks (It’s all racist) and they used words like “the Constitution” to gain power while turning around and giving Obama everything he wants in the march towards Globalism.

This is why a strong majority of people feel that the country is on the wrong track. This is why most want an outsider.

If you think that you are going to find that perfect, pure and holy politician, you’re not getting it until Christ returns. If you think that anyone who threatens the established and powerful secret combinations is going to skip along to victory without it turning ugly, you are incredibly naive. Which apparently covers every Republican politician in Utah minus Rob Bishop.

I have a word to describe all of these politicians who are dropping their endorsements of Trump, many before he even released his apology – COWARDS. They’ve been cowards in the face of Obama destroying the fabric of our nation and upending the rule of law. And they are showing their true colors now before the ‘game’ is even over.

I see pearl clutching about “not voting for the lesser of two evils, just don’t vote for evil”. Well consider this – Cowardice gives fertile ground for evil to take hold. Tyrants love cowards because they enable their agendas. The cowards are afraid of what others will think or what the media might call them so will pretend to play nice and “reach across the aisle”. It requires courage and a stalwart attitude to fight for liberty and against real evil because evil is always cool and hip. And the Republican Party is increasingly showing that they have zero courage left in their bodies.

Donald Trump threatens the Globalist system like no other politician in our lifetimes. Only Ronald Reagan got close.Gird up your loins…victory against all of this is NOT going to be a cakewalk, it never was. But it is worth it.