With the flurry of news on Friday night, most of it focused on what Donald Trump said on a hot mic years ago, what might have been missed is another leak of emails from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman, John Podesta. These emails further expose Hillary Clinton and her cronyist, dishonest behavior. This all deserves proper scrutiny and is FAR worse than Trump’s private life but that isn’t stopping the cowardly Republican Party from rooting for Hillary.

It should be noted that Wikileaks has so far only released 1% of the Podesta emails with more to come.

Because this is so extensive, I’m simply going to compile the headlines with links.

The Clinton Campaign Is Illegally Co-Ordinating With Her SuperPAC

Excerpts from Clinton’s Closed Door Wall St. Speeches – With the now ‘classic’ hit “YOU NEED TO HAVE A PRIVATE AND PUBLIC POSITION ON POLICY” and other gems


My dream is open trade, open borders” – . There’s no “evolution” here, it’s pure calculation.

“Jordan can’t possible vet all those refugees…so they don’t know if…jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees” – And yet, she is all aboard the refugee train, desiring to increase the numbers by enormous amounts. If we let that happen, then what is going on right now in Europe will explode here in the USA. We’ve already seen it with the rape of a 5-year old girl in Twin Falls, ID. When the numbers of unvetted and unassimilated refugees grows, so does their brazen desires to impose their will on us.

Here is an example of just a tiny bit of what is going on in Europe right now by refugees. Women are being sexually assaulted and physically attacked on a daily basis. Obviously, the media has no interest in reporting about this because they want the floodgates opened, our security is the last thing on their minds:

Demolishing the 2nd Amendment By Executive Order; Finishing the Rest Via The Supreme Court – It’s not about “saving lives”. It’s about control:

Clinton campaign tried to setup a stunt involving Clergy To Get Trump to apologize to Hillary

Taking Foreign money is great, just as long as Clinton knows the names of the individuals (FARA stands for Foreign Actors Registration Act)

Destroying the Evidence – Clinton Foundation Finding “Limited Success” In Wiping Out The Email Trail Of WrongDoings – Remember, Hillary Clinton operated an illegal private server handling classified, Top Secret and SAP (highest level of security; stuff like field operative identities and other info that could jeopardize lives in the wrong hands) information on it. With it being poorly managed, left those national security secrets and details open for hackers and enemy states to get their hands on, jeopardizing the safety of American operatives overseas. She and her team DESTROYED EVIDENCE by trying to purge emails using a program called BleachBit; they destroyed physical evidence with by smashing their mobile devices with hammers. The FBI looked the other way in her case because it turned out that President Obama lied about his knowledge of the server and sent emails to it (if you get a message from the President, that’s already classified) but still maintains that any one of their operatives to engage in such behavior would be severely punished.

This entire case is light-years worse than Watergate. Federal institutions like the FBI have been weaponized by the Administration to ensure that the Rule of Law has been destroyed. All of this to protect a Presidential candidate has turned the United States of America into a Banana Republic.

Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS while SoS – She said under oath before the US Senate that this did not occur (perjury before Congress):



Pentagon Requested Military Force From Hillary’s State Department To Save Benghazi Consulate


Smoking Gun email showing that the Pentagon had forces ready to move to Benghazi on Sept. 11th 2012, requested the State Department to send help to rescue them SHE LET THEM DIE

THERE IS MORE, but we’ll save that for another post.