I am certain that you’ve heard the big news of the day regarding a tape with crude language by Donald Trump about women. That’s not something I can condone being a father of daughters.

So let’s be real and compare apples with apples. Hillary joked about getting a rapist of a 12-year old girl off the hook on a technicality. No hint of penance or regret but pride at her skill in using technicalities to get an obviously guilty rapist set free. Please by all means, tell me what is worse – Trump’s consensual behavior with women or Hillary destroying the life of a young girl by protecting and enabling rapists (her husband’s many, many rape cases included).

Hillary herself has a long history of having a potty mouth but no one seems to care. She also attacks the women he raped:

But apparently it is far worse to be caught on tape talking about women in a crude way than to be caught on tape actually groping them (and yes Bill Clinton is on the ballot – not only would he be back in the WH but his rape enabler, Hillary, would be President)?

I’ve never seen or heard Hillary apologize on iota for her protection and enabling of rapists. Bill Clinton’s behavior has continued after the Lewinsky scandal.

Also do not forget – while Hillary virtue signals that she is a feminist, she has stated that she wants an enormous increase in the number of Muslim refugees into America. You are NOT hearing this on the news but the influx of emboldened Muslims into Europe is causing an epidemic of sexual assault and rape in Europe. This is not easy to watch but this is what a Clinton Presidency will import into America

The Trump Apology

Trump however, had a fairly stark apology to offer up – he could have lied or deflected from it like politicians often do on the first reaction (“I did not have sex with that woman…these allegations are false” -Bill Clinton) but instead admits guilt and admits to his faults. He doesn’t attack Billy Bush or the news media who reported it either and takes responsibility:

As Christians, it would be hypocritical to not give people the benefit of the doubt and to repent if they are showing sincere intent.All of us makes mistakes and that can include saying things, viewing things or doing things that are not conducive to being a follower of Christ. The apology above sounded heartfelt and humble to me. It also is about something that was years ago as opposed to during the campaign. Trump hasn’t openly insulted a giant block of voters like Hillary has.

There are still only two choices in this election. You can hate on the guy who has apologized for something said in private years ago and who has been making strides to show a more humble side while still pushing an agenda of policies that will benefit the American worker or you can go with someone who has openly broke Federal laws and has destroyed the rule of law in the process, laughed about getting rapists off the hook, treats those who protect her like crap and saying all sorts of uncouth things about them, who has protected her own husband who has been accused of SEVERAL rapes and who wants to finish moving this country well past any semblance of Constitutionality towards a solid banana republic state.

Neither candidate is a saint but we are not electing an apostle. The country is in real trouble and in the next post, I am going to spend time on the John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s Campaign manager and long time confidant) emails and other Clinton corruption to help make it clear what the stakes are.