I’ve meant to post more of these but other things in life (work, family, more work) distracts me.

I think that if more LDS members were to watch Trump’s rallies as opposed to relying on the anti-Trump media or the very occasional debate performance to define him, opinions would change for the better. He holds quite a few rallies (many more than Hillary Clinton) and many of them have been quite excellent. I especially noticed a change after the first debate where he seemed to loosen up even more but became more direct in his attacks on Clinton.

So, here are a few of those from this past week, starting with one that is happening as I write this in Colorado. At the moment, Retired General Mike Flynn is on the stage and is also doing quite well on warming the crowd up. They’ve set the all time record for attendance on the building.

Novi, MI – This was a great “he’s on fire!” type speech:

Bedford, NH:

Here’s one from a place that Latter Day Saints know from our pioneer history, Council Bluffs, IA: