To be honest, this is not the most important news out there at the moment – we have everyone around Hillary Clinton given immunity by the FBI and a Federal Judge keeping Clinton’s emails safe until after the election. The corruption is still rampant and needs to be focused on and called out. It also needs to be stopped by electing Donald Trump to the White House.

Also in case you didn’t hear, Clinton wants to levy a 65% estate tax. This doesn’t just affect rich people, it affects everyone with an inheritance and it really is just wrong. But that’s her vision – we’re $20 trillion in debt and the solution is to tax annd spend until there isn’t anything left.

Anyways, in case you missed this everywhere, Ted Cruz has finally endorsed Donald Trump for President. For his reasoning, he does seem to get that.One of these 3rd party nobodies is not going to save the Constitution nor weed out corruption in the Federal government that has exploded under Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. At this point, it’s Trump or bust.

However, the reason this deserves a post is that I know very well that many Utahns and Mormons became heavily invested in Ted Cruz’s run for the Presidency – both emotionally and financially. I was actually pro-Ted Cruz when this whole thing started and he launched his bid at Liberty University; then Trump jumped in making strong statements as to what he would do with immigration and everything started to change.

While I have some strong feelings and opinions on the subject as to why I moved firmly into the Trump camp, I won’t get into that history again as we need to let it be water under the bridge.

I think that most people in the Never Trump camp are finally coming around to the reality that this really is an important election. Gary Johnson is a leftist loon who isn’t serious and Evan McMullin is an indecisive fraud(whose made up VP selection was something I was asked about the other day when a pollster called). We can either get the country moving on the right track with Trump and his pro-growth, pro-American policies or we can continue Obama’s parade of tearing America down so that all countries equally suck and place the most corrupt politician in history into the Oval Office (that’s Hillary, in case you couldn’t tell 😛 ).

So kudos to Ted Cruz for finally coming around, better late than NeverTrump.