While the phrase “Make America Great Again” is the best known “catchphrase” of the Donald Trump campaign, he has used another: “America First”. He has been using it for a while but I haven’t really seen merchandise to promote it.

“America First” gets to the heart of his policy creation whether it is on trade, energy, security, etc. Now we know that President Obama is seeking to give control of the internet over to international, globalist powers like ICANN and the UN.

Trump has come out against that plan and supports keeping the control here as it has been since our military created the ARPANET system that eventually evolved into what the internet is now.

This is about freedom of speech and once again Trump is on the right side of the issue.

John Bolton gets into why this is a big deal.

In fact, Utahns who are enamored with Ted Cruz should note that he is appreciative of Trump’s efforts here:

This also shows another issue where Trump is the opposite of Clinton, making the debate on Monday more interesting.