The Rule of Law is supposed to matter in this country. That’s what separates us from the many “Republics In Name Only” (generally known as Banana Republics) that are found in the world. My wife is from Brazil and she knows all too well what corrupt politics are like. She has been studying to become a citizen of the United States and in the citizenship quiz it asks what the Rule of Law is (that no one is above the law). We had a sad laugh about that, knowing that just because it’s written down doesn’t mean that is what our government practices (their attitude: We’re Better Than You; And We Know It).

The entire issue of what has been going on surrounding the crooked dealings of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation has shown that unfortunately, there is no rule of law in this country. This is something we can hang around the neck of big government but certainly more Barack Obama and his policies and cronies that he has put into office over his 8 years of power.

We already have heard evidence that Hillary Clinton and her staffers committed an illegal and felonious act by destroying Congressionally subpoenaed evidence, including the destruction of phones with hammers.

Now comes evidence that the IT company she hired to run her server was ordered by Clinton to strip and destroy emails. THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE INTENT THAT FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY SAID DIDN’T EXIST. These were Congressionally subpoenaed emails, not yoga class schedules. If you or I did such a thing, we’d be rotting in jail for the next 20 years. But not Hillary Clinton. She gets to run for the Presidency of the United States. Do you really think that if she won’t be prosecuted now under Obama’s government that her own government will hold her to account for continuing to sell America off and put our security at greater risk?

In my personal view, FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton and every one of her staff involved in this should be put into prison for obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. I’m no lawyer but even I can do internet searching on the law.

For fun, here is how tampering with evidence is looked at from a legal standpoint. SPOILER: It generally ends with prison time since you are covering up your crimes.

Fortunately Clinton appears to be sinking in all of the polls but I think it is important to beat this drum through November 8th. She is not a nice person. She is not a good person. She shows no remorse, no regret, no hints of repentance over such behavior that has accumulated over a lifetime of corruption. She continued to lie straight to our faces over every policy and even over her health. All she wants is power and donors have given massive sums of money to the Clinton Foundation under the guise of charity to buy influence at her table.

If you feel as a Latter-Day Saint that it is our duty to protect the Constitution, then you do that by ensuring that the modern Gadianton NEVER gains political office ever again.

That will NOT be accomplished by voting for a guy who was grateful that no one was harmed in the NYC bombing on Saturday (except that 29 people were; 8 people harmed with one dead in MN by the Muslim going on a stabbing rampage there) or by a guy who lies about his history and his VP pick because that’s “the right thing to do” or some nonsense like that.

Stop falling in line behind people like Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck and Harry Reid. It is bizarre to me that so many Latter-Day Saints are treating these guys with the same weight that we do the General Authorities. I’ve always been taught to think for myself, to use Moroni’s promise to get answers to questions – not treat politicians as these demi-gods who can do no wrong and whose opinions are the gold standard. Romney and Glenn Beck and Harry Reid are all running interference for the corrupt Hillary campaign and in my personal view, they should repent post-haste.