The candidacy of Donald Trump has been rather amazing. Every prediction made by the pundit class of Establishment politics has been wrong about him. He went on to win a record number of votes in the Republican primaries, winning more than Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush or even Mitt Romney (who I would remind you gladly accepted Donald Trump’s endorsement back in 2012 before turning Benedict Arnold earlier this year).

Trump has fought back against the media unlike any other Republican candidate in the party’s history. He doesn’t accept their carefully constructed (and false) premises, making them play on his ground instead of the other way around. Funny how I heard all this lamentation about John McCain or Mitt Romney playing by the media’s rules and that we wanted someone who would fight back. Well, Trump is doing just that.

Now he has set a new record in fundraising by getting 2.1 million small donations in only 90 days. (H/T & Link to The Conservative Treehouse)

There is ample evidence that a landslide is coming in Trump’s favor. The consistently enormous crowds, merchandise sales, donations, poll performance despite being largely outspent by Hillary Clinton.

It’s also worth pointing out that the “Never Trump” disloyalty has consequences politically. Disloyalty isn’t standing on principles. It’s opportunism. And some candidates including Ted Cruz and John Kasish are going to pay the price for that since the siren song of their donor money was the only principle that they actually cared about.