We have been documenting to a small degree the corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton like BO that follows a middle-school student. Anything and everything will be done to secure power for her and her entourage of donors (both foreign and domestic) and special interests.  Thus they will lie about lying and go as far as to make up new diseases to convince voters that nothing is wrong with her.(Link to The Conservative Treehouse)

Long story short, there is no such thing as non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. Once again, Hillary is lying to all of us and any media that does not make this point while reporting on this, is complacent in the lie.

Then of course she goes out today to declare that the coughing fit was just part of the pneumonia…except that these coughing fits have been going on for quite a while.

That also doesn’t explain the frequent seizures in public which also have nothing to do with pneumonia.

The open contempt for the American people is on full display now. If you can’t see, it is only because you don’t want to or have an illogical loyalty to a political party.

The danger that our Republic is in with this corrupt class in their quest for power mimics that of Nephite society in the Book of Mormon, particularly Helaman/3rd Nephi era. Don’t be fooled. (Disclaimer: that is not official church doctrine or based on a church statement – simply my personal opinion based on study. I’m also not passing this as prophecy. It is just an observation).