Ever since Ivanka Trump brought up ‘child care reform’ during her RNC speech introducing her father, we’ve all been wondering exactly what that would entail. Especially in Utah where we tend to have big families (I don’t have a big family by most Utah standards, with only three kids), expenses in raising a family are at the forefront of our lives.

The Federal government already has numerous policies dealing with child care. This plan seeks to reform that, not entirely unlike welfare reform pushed by Republicans in the 90s which was working out pretty well until Obama unilaterally decided that the law no longer applies. As conservatives we want free market solutions instead of new big government programs which always end up costing more than promised and rife with fraud and abuse.

If you are the type of voter that enjoys numerous details and specific plans, then here you go (Child Care Reform @ DonaldjTrump.com)

To bullet point the details, here is my summary. I find it very interesting that the plan mentions stay-at-home parents and also deals with Elderly Care.

  • Reform the tax code so that parents (both working and stay-at-home) get specific deductions for up to four children and elderly dependents
  • States will be given flexibility in the program to establish more local control to needs of state residents (helpful to rural regions; something not even considered by Clinton policies)
  • Create Dependent Care Savings Accounts (DCSAs) which allow tax-deductible contributions, tax-free appreciation and are not tied to employment unlike FSAs. Will include ability to use the money for school choice/expenses.
  • Targeted regulatory reform that will focus on family or community based solutions instead of government control (Trump has often talked about breaking up the tyranny of the regulatory state)
  • Guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave through amending UI; paid for by offsetting reductions to avoid raising taxes.
  • Paid for by economic changes based in Trump pro-growth economic plan that runs the full gambit of tax, trade, regulatory, immigration and spending reform.
  • No double-dipping

If you want to see the speech of this plan, here it is: