I know – I keep saying that I don’t want to cover 3rd party guys here but unfortunately prominent LDS members like Mitt Romney and many people on my social media keep making that really difficult. For Mitt Romney’s tepid endorsement of Johnson, this was posted yesterday:

Let’s forget that Johnson was in the 2012 Republican debates where he fizzled out and decided to pander to Libertarians to get on a ballot somewhere.

Then of course Gary Johnson showed that he doesn’t really have much of a clue on foreign policy to begin with this morning (it doesn’t matter whether or not you or I know the details of Aleppo, Syria. Serious presidential candidates should given the refugee/war/terrorism problems originating there). He has been honest that he doesn’t know the name of every city in the world and no one expects that of their leaders. But they do expect them to be at least somewhat versed on war zones where the United States is involved.

I’ve been trying to make the points that Johnson is not a conservative nor even a real libertarian. On issue after issue, he’s supportive of left-wing causes and tries to outclass Democrats on how far left he can swing. Case in point, this new video – Gary Johnson is an Idiot – makes the point for me (warning – there is some profanity in this video)

For that chunk of people in Utah who are still dating with the idea of supporting one of these 3rd party clowns – wake up. Trump has you covered on all of the places that Utah really cares about and is our best chance to get this country on the right track.