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If you are here then you know who Donald Trump is. And you probably already know who Evan McMullin is. The latter places you in an elite place in politics since the average American knows who “Deez Nutz” or Sausage McMuffins are more recognized than Mr. McMullin.

The Joke’s On Us: Evan McMullins Strategy To Win The Presidency Without Any Semblance Of The Popular Vote

Tardiness has consequences. That’s why in most jobs, being late results in write-ups or the employee being fired. In business, tenants who open late are subject to fines. In the Presidency, McMullin like’s to try and turn being late into a virtue by saying “It’s never too late to do the right thing.” That’s one of those phrases no one actually believes as in reality, opportunities do pass you by when you’re indecisive.

Because the big money “NeverTrump” donors like Mitt Romney and neocon warmonger Bill Kristol took so long to discover and fund Mr. McMullin’s bid for the presidency, his name will not appear on many ballots – it will only be available as a write-in. Even then, it will not be available on all 50 states. This means that the American people as a whole cannot give the candidate their voice even if they knew who he is. You can blame the system if you want but in reality McMullin has no one to blame but himself for taking too long.

Mr. McMullin has made it clear in his campaign that his primary target is Donald Trump. Not just from this video where he explicitly said so but his Twitter feed makes that clear too. Donald Trump lives in his head, rent-free.

Now let’s look at the morality of the fantasy scenario where McMullin becomes President. The campaign has stated that their path to the Presidency is through the 12th Amendment by “denying” Clinton and Trump the 270 EVs and then getting Congress to pick McMullin over the will of the voters. Supporters have come up with this map to show that it’s “possible”:


It is worth pointing out that this map is incredibly naive and pins all of McMullin’s hopes on the vote going this precise way which little evidence has borne out. For one thing, If PA goes Trump, it’s guaranteed that OH does too. It’s not just the OH polls have been great for Trump, it’s been the enthusiastic and massive crowds that are magnitudes larger than anything that any other candidate has managed to pull together. IA also has been consistently in the Trump column which in this map would put Trump above 270.  The split electoral vote in ME is also heavily leaning Trump and there are other factors at play where this scenario is laughable.

Now I’ve yet to see a McMullin supporter think logically about the situation that this would instigate nor really consider the morality of the situation.

Let’s say that this strategy works and that Congress decides to throw out the votes of millions of Clinton or Trump supporters and ignores their 260+ EVs and hands the Presidency to a guy that 98% of the country hasn’t heard of nor vetted.

For one, the talk of rigging the election would be on full display to see. The Democrats are on tape trying their hardest to rig the election and their email has borne that out; then the Republican led Congress instead of siding with their nominee who will have garnered millions of votes would be shelved for a nobody with a handful of votes? The ONLY way that would get through Congress is by a backroom deal and money exchanging hands and that’s not a game that McMullin is going to win unless it’s been pre-determined by the powers that be.

This begs the question: Why should an unpopular and hated Congress, pick the guy who managed to get only 6 EVs and couldn’t even get on the ballot in every state?

Seriously stop and think of the situation that would be in place. America would be fractured and in turmoil. Having won with only part of one state in the country (maybe amounting to a total of a few hundred thousand popular votes), McMullin would have NO mandate, politically or morally to govern with. He will have gained power by spitting on the Democratic part of our Republican process.  Millions upon millions of Americans would have their voices disenfranchised and given the high emotional state of the country, they would not accept that result – “I’ve never heard of this guy and now he’s our President?”. Utah as well as the LDS Church will be ostracized with such vitriol that the Gospel efforts would be brought to a screeching halt; anyone from Utah would be seen as a pariah.  It would be worse than the situation that the church faced in the 1840s-80s.  And we don’t exactly have a place to run to for refuge in the mountains this time.

If you think that it would be all flowers and kumbaya over a President being installed like this then you really don’t understand human nature nor history nor politics. He would be political kryptonite and no amount of ads is going to fix that.

Speaking of history, here’s what voting for a 3rd party really got Utah the last time it happened:


It’s worth pointing out Helaman 1 for this situation. The world is in an incredibly dangerous state at the moment thanks to Obama’s ineptitude and his version of “change” which has left America in a weakened state.  It’s not just ISIS and Al-Queada who are seeking to kill Americans, states like Russia, China, North Korea and North Korea are all banging war drums. In the case of Russia, both Obama and Clinton are provoking them over Syria as well as make unfounded accusations that they are behind the Wikileak’s emails. Hillary called for armed conflict over those unproven claims.

If America is thrown into turmoil over the Presidential pick because the above scenario worked in his favor, our enemies wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of this situation. Much like the Lamanites saw the Nephite’s three-way election and subsequent turmoil as their opportunity to strike at the heart of Nephite society. Then you had the rise of the Gadianton Robbers and prophetic collapse of Nephite civilization.

A similar situation in our case is not good for the country just McMullin for a fleeting moment while he’s in the spotlight.

So tell, me, how would Mr. McMullin NOT be the modern blend of Pacumeni and Paanchi in this situation? He was CIA? Ok, what were his successes in the CIA? Oh that’s right, it’s all “classified” so you have NO IDEA. Except for this one big blunder…

 McMullin Showed Extraordinarily Bad Judgement By Palling Around With An ISIS Propaganda Person

I’ve yet to see Mr. McMullin or his supporters address why he was seen hanging out all smiles with a Mr. Number 5 in the photo below. Multiple times McMullin has tried to make the case for deeper involvement in the Syrian civil war . Well as was discovered with this photograph, one thing he was involved with has been in causing additional bloodshed in Syria by playing into ISIS’s hands. READ THE FULL STORY HERE AT THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE. This shows that McMullin does not have the judgement to be our commander-in-chief as he and John McCain both gladly assisted ISIS.


For why this matters, Mr. Moustafa is a Jew hating lobbyist that believes that Israel should not exist, that Jerusalem should be the capital of a new Palestinian state and who is part of the cabal that has helped get weapons from the US into Syria where terrorists have been able to use those to continue the work of death there. If McMullin was so good at vetting people as a part of his work, how would you get something like this so wrong?

McMullin Wants More Muslim Refugees In America + Immigration

Mr. McMullin believes that the US should accept refugees from Syria. This comes in part from his work as a U.N. refugee resettlement officerPolling has consistently shown that a majority of Americans disagree with this stance as they have seen how well this has worked out for Europe and that there is zero melting pot effect taking place.

Mr. McMullin believes that this isn’t an issue or that ISIS and refugees have nothing to do with each other. Reality however, has a different answer for him. For one, Donald Trump has stated that he would put in an “extreme vetting” process from countries that support terrorism while McMullin seems to believe that the current vetting process used by the Obama Administration is A-OK. He essentially wants to be the Angela Merkel of the USA; Germany by the way is delving into chaos thanks to her policies.

Current CIA Director: ISIS Is Trying To Infiltrate The US Through Refugee Program

“Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nations’ generosity towards refugees to infiltrate Europe”

NATO Commander Says ISIS “spreading like cancer” among refugees

Left wing magazine Newsweek: How ISIS Smuggles Terrorists Among Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee Arrested In October 2016 Was Found With Explosives, Planned On Attacking Berlin Airport

The Paris attacks where 130 people were murdered and the Brussels bombing where 32 people were killed and more than 300 were injured including LDS missionaries were perpetrated by Syrian refugees.

Crime in Germany has skyrocketed and it is directly attributed to Muslim migrants

Britain Has Also Experienced A Rise In Severe Crime; Rape is now essentially an “every day” reality in Europe thanks to the welcome refugees.

Syrian refugees are also responsible for an enormous increase in sexual assault in various countries across Europe.

Mr. McMullin is completely wrong on this issue and his policies would put us in as much danger as Hillary Clinton when it comes to national security. That’s probably why he spends little to no time attacking her (he’s with her) but all his time attacking Trump, who is right on this issue.

BTW – One major policy that is all on Donald Trump is the border wall. McMullin himself craps on the idea of such a wall (like most of the Presidential candidates running against Trump did), believing that the exact same failed policy from the 2006 immigration reform would somehow magically work if he is in office (border wall here and there, more border agents and “surveillance” tech). Unfortunately for McMullin, both the Border Patrol Union and National ICE Council have endorsed Donald Trump and have said that the wall is badly needed.

Trump has been incredibly consistent on building the wall as it will keep out not just illegal immigrants but terrorists as well. Terrorists who are actively seeking to import weapons of mass destruction over our porous border.

He’s not a stalwart Trump supporter by any means (more of a tepid supporter) but Steven Crowder even took those to task who claim that the border wall won’t work:


Personal thought: Because of the reality of the situation as outlined by these and many other stories, I personally disagree with the LDS Church’s stance on helping bring in more Muslim refugees to the USA. They should be going to places like Qatar or Saudi Arabia where the culture shock is minimal compared to the Judeo-Christian world. We’re not converting these people by being nice to them as it isn’t just their religion which has brainwashed them to despise or hate Christians, it’s their culture as well. There is no respect for virtue in Islam, as shown by the many, many stories of the sex attacks in Europe or how they emulate the Prophet Mohammed by having child brides of their own. The children of refugees tend to be ripe for radicalization, which includes the rape of a 5 year old child in Twin Falls, ID this year, the New York & New Jersey bombings in Sep. 2016 and the knife attack in Minnesota in September.

Sorry but I am not going to put my daughter’s virtue and safety up on the altar of politics and bleeding heart liberalism so that those in power are satisfied. If you want a scriptural basis, the Nephites were not always bone-headed morons that let the Lamanites or the Gadianton Robbers have their way. When they had smart leaders, it was defend your families and prevent that from happening again, even if it meant violence.

It is incredibly dangerous to be offering any route for these barbarians entry into our country and by taking the stance that illegals deserve a “path to citizenship” that is different from what is currently in place, McMullin shows his ineptitude on this subject and that he is not fit to lead our country where we need leaders that protect us, not allow our murderers into our home to temporarily satisfy a bleeding heart.

The Campaign Started With Odd Inconsistencies That Should Have Raised Red Flags

At the beginning of the campaign, The Gateway Pundit noticed some very odd inconsistencies in the timeline that Mr. McMullin had listed on his LinkedIn page. Not sure why you would want to lie on your Linked In profile but it raised some flags from the beginning.

Last I checked, lying on a resume was grounds for termination. Unless we’re supposed to treat the Presidency like a Clinton and consider it the birthright of particular politicians.

McMullin Uses A Foul-Mouthed and Often Clueless Man By The Name Of Rick Wilson As His Comm Director

In politics, a lot of hay is made about the people you pick to run your campaign. The Senior Advisor and Chief Communications Director for the McMullin campaign is Rick Wilson, a seething, angry “political consultant” who makes his money off of telling politicians how to act or what to say so they can supposedly win. Donald Trump has infuriated this class of individuals in Washington since he’s proven them wrong through this entire cycle and not hired them to suck the teat of the donor money flow.

Well that has rubbed people like Rick Wilson all the wrong way as to him, he’s better than you… and he knows it. Few people have been as ego-bruised in this campaign as those like Wilson whose guy Jeb! flopped harder than the latest Hollywood remake.

Where the McMullin campaign is running on the high horse of morality and principles, how come have and still employ this man who has a long, recent history of having a potty mouth, which includes saying a very crude thing to Ann Coulter?

I guess principles only matter at some times, right Evan?

Then again, he probably doesn’t have a choice. When big money donors have their say in your campaign, you have to go with the people they want.

The First Time Anyone Noticed Evan McMullin, It Was The Politico Uncovering The Fact That His VP Of Nathan Johnson Was Entirely Made Up

Speaking of Rick Wilson, he was quoted a lot in the first investigative piece into McMullin which uncovered the fact that the name you’ll see on your Utah voting ballot of “Nathan Johnson” was an entirely made up person. The dishonest McMullin campaign never bothered to unveil who this ‘humble friend’ of the campaign was and Wilson was even quoted as saying: “We will have a VP nomination. I don’t personally know the guy. He’s somebody that they vetted as a placeholder. That’s all it is.”

Then it turned out to be a she and no one ever came forward as this “Nathan Johnson”.

The utter incompetence and dishonesty of the McMullin campaign from the get-go can be read over at Politico. If you’re going to be an honest supporter, you have to acknowledge that this doesn’t bode well for someone who is looking to lead our country.

Are you a Republican? Evan Thinks That You’re A Racist

I know that many Utahns looking at McMullin are otherwise Republican and will be voting Republican for other people on the ticket with an R next to their name.

If that is you, how come McMullin agrees with the premise that the GOP is racist? He has no problem in making such a sweeping, bigoted accusation without evidence…isn’t that one of the things we despise about Obama? Or is it a new “conservative principle” as he likes to say, to make sweeping accusations that fall in line with leftist media narratives?

So much for being the “unity” candidate when he can’t hold back on his own bigotry that plays right into the hands of the Left.

This little insight into his thinking actually caused some Utah Republicans to wake up and pull their endorsements from him. More Utah Republicans including Orrin Hatch and Chris Stewart and Rob Bishop are throwing their support behind Donald Trump.

The Money Behind The Mask: Paul Singer

Paul Ryan donor and pro-gay marriage advocate Paul Singer has been revealed to be a major source of money behind McMullin.

McMullin Supporters Are Going As Far As To Claim The White Horse Prophecy To Support This Bid

I laughed when I first saw this meme then had to sigh in dismay. Joseph Smith never uttered the “White Horse Prophecy” and members who insist on peddling this story only damage the Prophet’s sacred call. Even if Joseph Smith said just the phrase “the Constitution will hang by a thread”, this has never been canonized or accepted by the Church as a prophecy, never put into the record of the Doctrine & Covenants like actual prophecy such as D&C 87 (prophecy of the Civil War).

Whoever wrote this meme should be ashamed of themselves but I also ask the question – if this was true, why wasn’t it the case when Mitt Romney ran? Just that should have blown up this stupid lie but apparently we have members who will apply it to every Mormon running for high office (thanks for perpetuating the myth Glenn Beck).


A Question To Be Raised About Sexuality

As sex is something that is used to vet every Presidential candidate (Trump a known heterosexual; Hillary apparently a bi-sexual), something has popped up in the news that deserves some attention among Latter-Day Saints.

It has been revealed that his mother is a lesbian and is married to another woman. While you are not voting for his mother, children are heavily affected by their parents. One thing that gets little media attention (you’re called a bigot or homophobic for pointing out stats) is that children of lesbian women tend to suffer from a large number of behavior problems. That includes that higher chance of becoming gay themselves, high rates of substance abuse, being physically or sexually abused, gay men tend to be extremely promiscuous with higher than normal numbers of sexual partners, homosexuals have much higher rates of STDs, and other issues that lead to other bad life choices. BTW, if you need some scientific research regarding genetics vs. behavior (typically touted as “I was born that way”), I’d highly suggest reading this free book, My Genes Made Me Do It.

Where Mr. McMullin is 42-years old and unmarried(something unusual in Mormon culture but admittedly does not automatically equate that the person is gay), and is the child of a lesbian woman, it is fair to ask: Is Evan McMullin gay? Did he experience any of the traumatizing behaviors or events that children of lesbian women tend to go through according to the stats? If so, why has he not mentioned this to the Utah/Idaho electorate that he is trying to woo?

UPDATE: He “confirms” he is straight with Glenn Beck so fair enough. I put this near the bottom since it isn’t the primary issue here but still is fair game regardless.

In Summary

While the McMullin campaign flails for the mantle of running an “extraordinary” campaign or a “movement”, the only extraordinary movement being run right now is the one commanded by a billionaire businessman who has never held a political office a day of his life, who has built up venues all around the world,who won a record smashing number of votes in the primary. Donald Trump is not a perfect man and he would make a lousy stake president. But that’s not what we are voting for. We are voting for someone who will set sound economic policy and fix trade deals that have destroyed the lives of millions of Americans. We are wanting someone that will get Constitutional conservative thinkers on the Court. We need someone who will “Drain The Swamp” of Washington D.C. by gutting the massive corruption that plagues our federal system. We need someone that puts America First in all of their policies. That man, for all his personal faults, is Donald Trump.

Let’s leave it for now with this: