Youtuber Joe Dan and his show Intellectual Froglegs has a new episode out which tackles the gross corruption in the federal government and particular the corruption that hovers around the Clintons like body odor. If you haven’t watched Clinton Cash yet, then this is a great primer on the company that the Clinton’s keep and several other things including just how deep the corruption has run.

(As a warning, there are a couple of moments where he uses profanity but nothing on the level of what one hears in the hallway of any modern public school)

Watch that and contemplate what is really at stake with this election. If you really care that much about the Constitution and principles of liberty, voting for Clinton or any guaranteed loser from a 3rd party is a vote to burn that down. It’s to vote in favor of the modern Gadianton Robbers, there’s no other way to slice it.

We talk about the pride cycle all of the time at Church…well don’t let your pride over what happened in the Republican primaries blind you to reality. Unfortunately for a lot of Ted Cruz supporters, that is still the case and they are actively supporting Hillary Clinton. A “protest vote” given to a 3rd party isn’t going to change a single thing – in fact, no one will remember the vote tallies for the losers – while Clinton ramps the tyranny dial up to 11. And like Sean Hannity recently told Glenn Beck, if she wins, that’s blood on the hands of every protest voter and #NeverTrump pundit.