In one corner, we have Hillary Clinton, who just got off of resting for pretty much the entire month of August but can barely keep a sentence together without coughing and hacking her way through it. She even makes up why she’s doing it (starts with “talking so much” lately even though she’s barely had any rallies or speeches; then turns it into an allergic reaction. Sorry but that isn’t what allergic reactions look like). She hasn’t met with her VP pick Tim Kaine in a month and in addition to not taking any serious questions from the sycophantic press after it was revealed that she destroyed evidence by smashing electronics containing classified info one them with hammers (or outright lost the devices), she isn’t drawing much of a crowd in the critical state of Ohio (bonus image from a different event):

Contrast that with Donald Trump, who maybe isn’t as Politically Correct as some want him to be but has been running circles around Clinton by measurable standards like number of rallies, speeches, and events. The crowds looking to see him in Ohio today were noticeably larger and more energized:

Seems that one candidate has the enthusiasm all sewn up, don’t you think? It certainly helps that the Republican isn’t steeped in years of lying, gross corruption and doesn’t sound like he’s about to croak. How come the media isn’t grilling her on her obviously bad health and asking if Tim Kaine is really up to the job for being President?

(We know the answer but it’s worth asking anyways if you remember how Sarah Palin was treated over John McCain when the only health issue that showed up was him being really old)

BONUS: Did you know that Hillary threatened war with Russia just a few days ago? No? That’s because the mainstream media hasn’t been saying a word about it: