I don’t have a lot of time to comment due to being involved with the Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 event but you’ve probably heard of “the” immigration speech. Many on the left are in full spin mode to take a dump on it or call it “hateful” when Trump showcased those parents who have lost their children to open borders insanity. Of course as usual, Bill Clinton could say something about immigration back in 1995 and he’s praised for it; Trump says something similar and he’s a racist because of the R next to his name on the ballot.

If you haven’t watched it, here you go. Better to hear it from the source than through the #NeverTrump media filter (who I heard on the radio was playing crappy audio of Joe Biden in response while not playing any of Trump’s speech…and of course Biden the Buffoon was making stupid claims like Trump won’t fulfill our overseas obligations. Maybe Biden “forgot” that he and Obama conveniently ignored the Ukraine Security accord that Bill Clinton signed for the USA to come to their aid against an aggressive Russia)

In the event you do need it distilled down, The Conservative Treehouse has got you covered.