I know that for many Latter-Day Saints who have found it difficult to support Donald Trump, was because of things like the Washington Post claiming that Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter. I saw many LDS friends on Facebook sharing the mash-up video created by “Insider” that seemed to show Trump doing such a thing.

Well, guess what. IT WAS COMPLETELY MADE UP BY THE MEDIA. Link goes to Catholics4Trump. Here is the video evidence:

Ann Coulter also has a detailed history of what happened.

If you’ve been on the right side of the political spectrum then you know that this isn’t exactly surprising – we’ve had websites like Newsbusters to document the daily bias and lying by the media whose purpose is to push your thoughts in a certain direction. It’s Inception without it involving your dreams. Stop letting them win, stop believing headlines you see without question. You might have heard that there is a war for your mind going on…well that’s never been more true than now.