After holding a huge rally in Austin, TX, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump went over to meet with American’s at a town hall put on by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. The primary subject of the town hall: illegal immigration. Trump has been a champion of citizens who have lost their children or other loved one to a criminal who never should have been here in the first place. I ask my fellow Latter-Day Saints – where is the compassion to the victims and the families?  Watch this and listen to these normal Americans who have been devastated because we as a society have been more compassionate to criminals than to our own citizens:

(I highly recommend listening to the legal immigrant mother around the 25 min mark, she hits the nail on the head over this issue over and over again)

It is heartbreaking to hear many of these stories but they must be heard. Amnesty is not going to fix the problem or bring justice to these families. That we as a people have allowed this to continue is shameful, just as shameful as letting the mass murder of the unborn continue apace.

Donald Trump is absolutely right on this issue, more so than any major political candidate of our day. Hearing stories from those affected by the crime that an open border brings should fill us with compassion for the victims of these crimes as opposed to the criminals themselves. Most of us are tired of being told that they hold some sort of exclusive lock on the innate human desire to have a better life and that somehow supercedes all laws and common sense.

I should also mention that I am married to a legal immigrant so I am very familiar with the system. Those of us who are generally know other legal immigrants and they share little love for people who skirted the system and end up getting all sorts of benefits regardless. Between that, the drug and sex trafficking that takes place and the lives lost, this evil has to stop.