Well today has been something in the world of politics.  Natural disasters have been more tools for political gains or losses since the 1920s, where politicians can either be seen as leaders or they can be seen as indifferent to the plight of average Americans.

UPDATE: A friend pointed out something that has not been getting any coverage in the media…I hadn’t seen this on right-leaning or other Pro-Trump blogs. Trump donated an 18-wheeler worth of supplies for flood victims but he hasn’t been seeking recognition for it. Compare and contrast to the Clinton Foundation who allegedly exists for the entire purpose of helping out the poor and needy in disaster situations:

ORIGINAL POST: While the media is trying to focus most of their attention on Paul Manafort today, Donald Trump and Mike Pence took the lead and went to Louisiana to tour the damage, hand out some supplies and visit supporters. Democrat Mary Landrieu thanked Trump for bringing attention to the state and situation. The headline at Vessel News is “Louisiana Goes Wild For Trump”:

Hillary Clinton, who blasted Bush for how he handled Hurricane Katrina and tried to create a Katrina Commission to investigate what happened, literally phoned it in on the situation. She is currently enjoying some vacation time at Martha’s Vineyard with President Obama.

But what’s really rich is President Obama’s response to the situation so far. Let’s remember the President using Katrina to political effect in 2008:

Then there was this story just the other day where the White House said he wasn’t going to end his vacation but he totally wasn’t indifferent to the pain.

Well now that Donald Trump has gone down, the President has been sufficiently shamed into making a visit. Way to lead Mr. President.