On September 5th, conservative icon Phyllis Schafly is launching a new book whose title contains the upfront point – The Conservative Case For Trump. While I don’t have any details on what the book will entail beyond the article announcing it at Breitbart, I can assume it will lay out a detailed and researched case for Donald Trump, building on articles like Laura Ingraham’s “The Morality of Voting for Trump”.


As for the case I would make for Trump being better for Conservatism than Hillary Clinton, it would be similar to what I have been trying to show on this site so far. Without writing a whole book to detail it, here are points that I would make:

The Economy – Donald Trump comes from a position of business that no other President has in this nation’s history. Having built up numerous businesses, he will bring a perspective to policy that is alien to lawyers whose private sector experience was extremely limited (like Barack Obama) and other career politicians. As he constantly pounds, it’s about:

-Lowering taxes while eliminating some others like the death tax;

-Cutting spending

-Cutting down the leviathan and extra-constitutional regulatory state;

-Renegotiating trade deals that have been harmful to the American worker and Middle Class

-Reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act that Bill Clinton had repealed. This was put into the Republican Party platform

-Using smart tariffs to benefit American workers. Keep in mind that it was  tariffs that helped fund the federal government but also the limitations in funds that those provided established a federal government growth firewall. That firewall was blown up thanks to the money spigot that federal income taxes provided.

Immigration – It’s a no-brainer that this is the primary fuel to Donald Trump’s success. Most politicians only offer up red meat lip service to the subject while pushing for amnesty behind the scenes (Ronald Reagan recognized that the 1986 amnesty was a mistake). Trump has constantly and consistently pointed out the human cost to the illegal immigration problem and has proposed:

-Building a wall along the Mexican border and making them pay for it through trade policy, remittance payments, tariffs, etc. The wall will also serve to cut off the flow of illegal drugs into our country that causes havoc nationwide.

-Deporting those that are here illegally

-Giving priority to legal immigrants

-Instituting an “extreme vetting” process for those who originate from countries where anti-American sentiment is high. Nobody that wants Sharia Law over the Consitution will be let in. We’ll get into what makes this Constitutional in the next post.

He didn’t receive an endorsement from the Border Patrol for nothing.

Healthcare – While the plan he would like to see for heathcare has not been fully unveiled yet, Trump has made it crystal clear that under him, the evil “Obamacare” (aka the Affordable Care Act) law will be repealed. This will prove to be a huge boon to the economy but also to the quality of healthcare in general. He will also look to allow insurance policy to be purchased across state lines and would support a system that puts doctor/patient care in priority over government dictation.

He also has promised to reform the VA healthcare system to better take care of our vets, who have suffered greatly under the Obama VA system.

Terrorism – Trump is willing to make actual hard choices when it comes to terrorism. He’s taken the position of being for waterboarding, which makes many on the left uncomfortable. This would also end the practice of “catch and release” that Obama has been keen on by allowing many dangerous terrorists out of prison and back into society where they can continue the work of murder. Between the extreme vetting for those coming from Islamic countries, pausing and downsizing refugees from places like Syria and pushing NATO to reform to tackle terrorism more than the Soviet Union, he stands in stark contrast to those that would have us spend more blood and treasure on nation building (which costs too high, takes more patience than the American people have and is ran too incompetently by politicians who don’t have a clue what they are doing).

It’s important to note that the neo-conservative stance of nation building is hardly the core defining principle of conservatism (it’s Bush Doctrine, not Reagan Doctrine foreign policy) but that is what  “wonks” like Bill Kristol or Jonah Goldberg would have us believe since they built their careers on making cases for such foolhardy ‘principles’.

Supreme Court JudgesDonald Trump has already released a list of people he would pick to put on the Supreme Court and the list was met with good praise. One of those picks is the brother of Senator Mike Lee, who went into NeverTrump mode at the Republican Convention. While we never know exactly how judge picks will turn out (such as John Roberts twisting himself into pretzels to save Obamacare), the picks would be much better for conservatism than anyone that Hillary Clinton would get installed onto the court, who would be nothing more than stalwart rubber stamps for everything on the anti-American progressive agenda, just like Obama’s picks have been.

1st and 2nd Amendment – Trump has had it put into the Republican party platform that the anti-1st amendment ‘johnson Amendment’ be repealed. He also was endorsed by the NRA for his positions on firearms and has consistently discussed protecting these constitutional principles

I think that sums it up for now but to finish it off, the main thing about Trump that is very much conservative is that he’s not politically correct and is willing to fight for what he does believe in. I get that some people don’t believe that but you have to look at the Donald Trump at the rallies by watching them and hearing his message without the CNN distorted soundbite filter.