The numbers of Mormons who voted for Mitt Romney was very high but that wasn’t anywhere near enough to overcome pro-Obama votes or the gap caused by millions of people that just stayed home in 2012. Because of the strong support that Romney had/has among LDS people, I think that this is relevant as we look at overall support for Trump.

Article showing that Trump is outperforming Romney by 16-points (Sharyl Attkisson)

This also makes the point of sampling and some other tricks that the pollsters did to boost Clinton while attacking Trump by asking respondents more negative questions about Trump than they did Clinton.

Along those lines, Trump’s support among African-American’s has gone up considerably after he gave his Law & Order speech in WI and once again, he outpolls what Romney garnered in the final vote with a sad 6% in that demographic. If any Democratic candidate loses a considerable portion of the African-American vote, they are figurative toast. Granted, this all has to be played against motivations & enthusiasm as mentioned earlier and Trump has that ball firmly in his court.

Also of interest that goes outside of the “scientific” polls that the media runs is a poll from the Iowa State Fair. Respondents to the Presidential poll by WHO-TV, registered with them and here was the “unscientific” result. Very interesting:

I’m thinking of setting up something similar at my business to unscientifically poll Utahns who come in. Should be interesting.