This news comes via The Gateway Pundit, which is often linked to by Drudge and has broken many stories (Just note that you’ll probably want to have an Ad Blocker or be using the Brave browser to visit, as the ads get a little excessive at times).

Now the video and photographic evidence has been well documented on this subject for a while now (video below) but in case you want to see a chart of the numbers side-by-side, here you go. Trump has twice as many events and can pack them in while Clinton doesn’t even get close:


And in case you haven’t seen some of the comparisons with your own eyes, well it doesn’t take a scientist to see where the energy, momentum and enthusiasm are in this campaign. Granted, given how many “journalists” are pals with the DNC, it’s no surprise that you only find this news through alternate and not mainstream media:

Last but not least, motivation comes to mind. This piece about Hillary supporters lacking motivation and enthusiasm for their corrupt and crooked candidate speaks volumes for when November 8th arrives and people have to take action to follow through on the vote.