I hear a lot from my LDS friends that “Trump will be dangerous for national security” –  an assumption born from his politically incorrect bravado and attacking George Bush’s neo-conservative positions over nation building (which most American’s are tired of spending blood and treasure on). In case you missed it, Donald Trump set forth his sensible foreign policy doctrine yesterday in a great speech that also details more about the “Muslim Ban” that so many people misunderstand and pearl clutch about.

So let’s repeat that line again: “Donald Trump is dangerous for national security”. MORE than the sitting administration that gave us a disaster in Libya? Who fought terrorism and sex slavery in Nigeria with a hashtag? Whose weakness and incompetence opened the door to Russia expanding territory into the Ukraine and best they could do was complain that it wasn’t ’21st century’ thinking? Who directly backed a terrorist regime in Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood who was ousted as an oppressive regime in record time? Who has seen several terror attacks on US soil and can’t do anything more than offer strongly worded statements when places like France are under siege? Sorry but I don’t buy that these guys are “great” on security for one second. Dead Americans in Ft. Hood, Orlando, FL, Boston, MA and Benghazi Libya beg to differ.

Enter in our current SITTING VICE PRESIDENT. More than once this guy has ran his mouth off after making women around him feel incredibly uncomfortable. Most forgot that he unveiled the location of the bunker where the VP is supposed to hide in the event of a security event. Now he has unveiled secure information about the nuclear codes. Is this someone you really want to have such info? Well too bad, we put him in the spot twice:

Doing worse than the current bunch in the White House would require a Clinton presidency. The potential VP on that side wants to keep racism strong: