If you are a Latter-Day Saint and you genuinely cannot understand the rise and movement behind Donald Trump, it is very simple to describe: immigration.

Legal Immigration

I have always been taught that we sustain and uphold the law. That much is clear in the 12th Article of Faith, which was pulled heavily from the words of the Apostle Paul. When it comes to this topic however, I’ve noticed some LDS members taking the softer, left-wing stance on it for some odd reason. As we begin, it is important to note that often the pro-illegal immigration arguments don’t make a whole lot of sense because they are based on hypocrisy and emotion.

Donald Trump has made very clear that he is pro-LEGAL immigration. Like his economic policies, his immigration policy puts America First and wants us to gain from the policy as opposed to having to pay up in more blood and treasure than we already have. And as Latter-Day Saints, we should be 100% behind a legal immigration policy that is designed to keep us safe and not let the entire world in through the doors. Not just because it’s the current law but because it is a moral law; it makes sense to vet newcomers for our national security as we have many enemies who wish to kill our citizens and ruin our way of life; it makes sense in preventing the spread of virulent diseases (here’s another link to boost that argument) and it makes sense in preserving our culture. If you don’t believe so then ask yourself – why do other countries around the planet have immigration laws? Is it because of fear or are there legitimate reasons behind that thinking?

Don’t forget that historically, empires had problems with the issue as well. Such as the Roman Empire, where it didn’t end too well for them.

If you or someone you know has served an LDS Mission overseas, then this is not an alien process by any means. All missionaries are legal immigrants for the de facto period of two years that they spend in a foreign country. To get your Visa to live in a foreign land, you have to obey the laws of this country as well as the host country to get and stay there.  You have to receive the proper vaccinations and go through a background check. I know as I served in Brazil and had to enjoy the process of filing out paperwork, getting shots and waiting a few months to get proper status. You probably have heard stories or known Elders who end up having to serve in their home country while they wait for their visa to be released. That’s because the Church does take these legal processes seriously. To have a workforce of illegal missionaries would mean the doors closing on the spread of the Gospel.

Many members have also gone through the more intensive immigration process of getting a fiance or spouse into the United States from overseas. You have to pay up, fill out paperwork, get the shots taken care of, have the spouse get his/her background checks, prove that the immigrant will not be on welfare as soon as they arrive, etc. They pay their dues in more ways than just monetary to get here and often you can have your loved ones visa denied for no reason at all – maybe the immigration officer was just having a bad day or the quota was filled for the month already. Who knows, but when that happens, you have to pay up again, fill out paperwork again, prove everything again. It’s not an easy process but it isn’t supposed to be. Every country on the planet has the right to enforce their laws and know who it is that is going to be taking up residence in their borders.

For more fun, try and legally immigrate to a foreign country and see how easy that is. You’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than just buying a plane ticket. Or skirt their laws, go illegal and find out what deportation is like for all the good that “I just want a better life” arguments will get you.

Illegal Immigration

The typical attack against those that speak out to the harsh realities of illegal immigration is that they are  xenophobes( holding an irrational fear devoid of facts). Well, playing by those rules that the left always sets up, I’m inoculated from criticism as I’m married to a legal immigrant who is currently going through the process of becoming a US citizen. I’ve also served in Brazil, having gone through the legal process to live there and since then I’ve received legal tourist visa’s to return. Pretending that there are not serious, national changing issues at stake on this subject is naive and dangerous.

The elites of both parties are in favor of illegal immigration because they fully believe that we need millions of workers who will work for lower than minimum wages doing “jobs that American’s won’t do”. Their big money donors want the cheap labor and since the politicians are bought and paid for, they work tirelessly to give them what they want. Since logic is no friend to the pro-illegal crowd, the arguments are always dripping with persuasive emotional appeals (such as “Families just want a better life for themselves” or the “plight of DREAMers”). These are designed to make you ignore the realities of not vetting those that come into your country.

It is not hard to see through this charade but it requires some effort. The support for labor like this is akin to supporting slavery because they specifically desire that people be paid low wages under the table, while simultaneously demanding that minimum wages skyrocket to levels that will destroy small businesses for citizens.  Teenage and other unskilled employment also has to take a back seat to those that wish to skirt the law, under the guise that unskilled employment is destined to stay that way like we’re running on a caste system in India. When there are jobs that Americans “won’t do”, its because you’ve made it embarrassing to do certain work. Mike Rowe isn’t exactly fond of such work-shaming.

Literal work slaves, sex slaves and have been pouring across the Southern US border for years. ID theft has exploded at the hands of illegal immigrants who steal citizen IDs. Is that moral? Is that what Jesus wants for his children?

Is it moral to go into someone else’s country then demand that they change everything to accommodate you and your culture? Are places like Mexico or Ecuador places that we want to emulate? Why not take up some old’fashioned brain-washing while you’re at it:

Most of the American people don’t buy this snake oil so why I see pockets of LDS people buying into it is perplexing. The whole concept of “loving your neighbor” has to have its limitations as the payment will be cultural, national and sometimes literal suicide (again, see Rome). The Nephites fought hard to maintain their liberties and way of life, taking up the sword to do so. Yes they did try and covert many to the Gospel but there were certain times that such a thing didn’t pan out. It’s important to note that the crimes above don’t speak to the more serious crimes that illegals have been committing in large numbers.

If you are LDS and still find it difficult to form an opinion on the subject then I urge you to  look into the Remembrance Project. They are an organization dedicated to finding justice for families who have had a loved one taken from them by an illegal immigrant. Related are the stories of “Angel Moms”. Violent assaults, rapes, murder – just because these are all happening to ‘other people’ doesn’t make it moral or ok to ignore.

When Donald Trump started his campaign by pointing out that this is a real problem in America, he was immediately denounced by people that couldn’t handle the uncomfortable truth. But that is exactly why he has been successful in his candidacy so far. Americans want national security, they want this problem to finally be resolved. The existence of a strong border wall will do exactly that.