Donald Trump held another speech tonight, this time at a rally in West Bend, WI. If you’ve been paying attention to the news this past weekend, yet another riot took place after a police shooting in Milwaukee, WI. In this speech, Trump takes this shameful trend head on, in a way that our sitting President would never bother to do. As usual, you should take the time to watch this speech in full instead of listening to tiny soundbites that get put through the condescending media/punditry filter that relies on people believing them and hoping that citizens won’t bother to look for full context. Granted, Trump does not take the side of the criminal here but of law-abiding citizens who want a secure America.

This is an excellent speech and it easily lays out the differences between Trump and Clinton/Obama. He also goes hard after special interests/lobbyists/media moguls that have long been serving as puppet masters behind the scenes. Check it out: