I know several fellow Mormons, mainly on social media, who hand-wring over voting for Donald Trump due to his demeanor or things that he says. Many are openly promoting 3rd party candidates despite those candidates holding some positions that are antithetical to the LDS faith.

I’ve not heard any one of these voters provide a solid argument as to how it’s moral to go that route as the only places where a 3rd party vote is gaining any sort of traction are in “red” states that typically go Republican. AKA – 3rd party votes in Utah or Idaho are only going to benefit one candidate and that’s Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: Evan McMullin admits that his strategy is mainly to get the Gadianton of our day, Hillary Clinton into the White House.

UPDATE: To compliment the story below, conservative icon Phyllis Schafly (who passed away earlier this year) penned a book to cover the conservative case for Trump. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest checking out Mrs. Schafly’s endorsement of Trump from March:

Original Post – Laura Ingraham Makes The Case For Trump

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham (who gave an excellent, fiery speech at the RNC) recently said some things on the Sean Hannity show that threw the “NeverTrump” crowd into a tizzy as she argued that it is immoral to be a part of that movement. The NTer’s responded of course and she’s responded back with a blistering argument. You can read it all here on Lifezette but I’ll quote some blocks to make some commentary.

Knowing what we know about Hillary Clinton and her plans for America, and the importance of the Supreme Court, we conservatives have a moral obligation to both oppose her and support Donald Trump.

I.E., this really is an election between two choices. We may not like it but that’s how it’s been for a loooong time. Our system simply isn’t setup to give 3rd parties a chance, like in Brazil or some other 3rd world venue. It was even the case in 1992 when 19% of the populace voted for Ross Perot. Despite that support he had, he only managed to hand the Presidency to Bill Clinton and with it America’s dignity (the Chinese were happy too, with all the military tech they’d get their hands on). Clinton is NOT a good pick for the presidency by any means. Her corruption has been laid bare for all to see. Voting for her is the equivalent of voting for Kishkumen or Gadianton to be the  Chief Judge. (if that goes over your head, read the Book of Mormon and it’ll make sense 😛 )

Over the last 25 years, the conservative movement has failed to win a single election against Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. They failed to stop social liberalism. They failed to stop the rise of China. They failed to shrink the federal government, balance the federal budget, return power to the states, or generally do any of the things that GOP voters wanted them to do.

…Were they (the NeverTrumpers) there when the housing bubble collapsed in 2008, and the nation watched in horror as a Republican president struggled to explain why the U.S. economy was in free fall?

That really is what is fueling the anger out there among the GOP base. Americans don’t like to lose and with the GOP, losing is a way of life. There are bad consequence to this country when the Left wins, whether it be higher numbers of dead babies via abortion, greater poverty through corrupt economic policies that only benefit donors or having our institutions corrupted to the point where they let an obvious criminal slide because she’s in the right party and running for president. When the Republicans have been in power and had the chance to make a difference, they’ve failed where it counts and we’ve got trillions in debt to show for it. This is the same anger that fueled the Tea Party and in effect, Trump is the candidate of the Tea Party movement.

John McCain and Mitt Romney really were not good candidates. It’s easy to say that in hindsight but many recognized that before they won the primaries. Both were nice men that usually didn’t say things that were considered offensive or objectionable. Both adopted many of the positions of the Left and gladly accepted their premises on which to fight their battles. The problem is that the moment you do such a thing, you’ve lost because you are playing defense in a war where only the offense can win.

Voting for Trump means that when your country had been in decline for almost two decades, and you had the chance to set the country on a different course, you took it.

Voting for Trump means that when you finally had the chance to end the corrupt and decadent Clinton machine, you took it.

Voting for Trump means that when you had the chance to write in the history books that the country had rejected the last eight years of President Obama, you took it.

Is Trump perfect? Of course not. Do you know how many perfect presidents we’ve had? Zero. In the real world, if you want to be a citizen — and have the responsibilities of a citizen — you have to be a grown-up, and you have to recognize that life presents us with difficult choices.

Voting for Trump does not mean that you agree with everything he says, or that you never criticize him. It does not mean giving up your right to disagree with him — or even oppose him — when he does something you think is wrong.

Voting 3rd party is not going to tell the Clinton/anti-American machine ‘no more’, just the opposite will happen, like in 1992. We’ll be stuck with Obamacare or worse; we’ll be stuck with horrible SC judges that will unravel what’s left of the Republic as they toe the line of the Clintons; taxes and regulations will skyrocket and the economy will falter more; foreign policy will be a mess that makes Libya look like a playground; and who knows the plethora of new scandals that will take place under her watch since no one in the government will stop her (like we’ve seen already with the FBI). It won’t be a pretty sight and I imagine that if the Perot Effect was to occur again, a vast majority of those voters will regret “voting their conscious” like Ted Cruz told them to do.

(BTW, Gary Johnson whole-heartedly supports several issues that aren’t that much in line with “Utah values” – funny how you don’t hear him touting the glories of abortion, drugs, using the power of the federal government to force you to do something against your conscious and the American job-killing TPP in his radio and online ads going around the state at the moment. And yet I see many friends sharing pro-Johnson posts about taxes on Facebook. )

So don’t waste your vote. If you can’t vote “for” Trump, then vote against liberalism and progressive statism. You’ll get more of that from the first true Outsider candidate of our lifetimes than with anyone else.