I’m sure you’ve heard this zinger over and over and over again: “Donald Trump is a raaaaacissst!”.

Sure, EVERY Republican has been painted as a racist since the 1960s when the Democrat party managed to control that narrative. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, it’s just important to keep people down with the untruth so that the party gets their votes and their way. Remember Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who died a few years ago? Full fledged member of the KKK and Hillary Clinton praised him to boot as her “mentor” (watch and share this video if you have friends in need of an eye-opener). But let’s keep pretending that Donald Trump is some sort of super-racist because of the R next to his name.

So today CNN, a “news” network that is doing everything in their power to destroy Donald Trump was at it again but they got more than they bargained for in talking to this guy:

(NOTE: The supporter does flip the bird to the camera when responding to the reporter and says one profanity, just in case you need the warning)

Game. Set. Match.