While this is a site that should have been launched months ago, it is better late than never so if you are LDS/Mormon and support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America, then welcome! The point is to lay out why he is a good pick for President, fitting in best with LDS values compared to the only competition, Hillary Clinton. That means I’m not going to waste time on 3rd party spoiler candidates that some, including those with a microphone in our religion such as certain talk show hosts, proclaim that we need to “vote our conscious” on that. 3rd parties are only going to be spoilers – don’t forget that the last time a 3rd party candidate managed to get a sizable portion of the vote (Ross Perot with 19% of the popular vote in 1992), that conscious vote fell short of providing us with more liberty, giving us 8 years of Bill Clinton.

In terms of 2016, giving that support to Hillary Clinton, via means of a direct vote or an indirect 3rd party protest vote is not going to end well for the country. If you need a primer, then you owe it to yourself to watch and consider the allegations and evidence put forth by the Clinton Cash documentary:

If anything, I think the times we are living in right now can be compared to the age of Helaman or 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon. The BoM was written for us in our day as we hear all the time and especially in those two books, you can see political issues that the Nephites had to deal with. Corruption at the highest levels of government was the rigged system that they had to deal with. A vote for Clinton is a vote for corruption at its worst.

As for Donald Trump, as mentioned I will lay out how he is a good pick to support. This site is not related to the two “Mormons4Trump” Facebook pages that are out there but you can join us on this MeWe Group, Let’s Go MAGA!. One of those FB pages has a pretty good line on their page which I’ll quote:


No he is not always nice. But being rude or uncomfortable is a very small price to pay for the salvation of a great country. He is the least politically correct person on the political stage in my lifetime. I get that such a thing makes many people, inside and out of our faith, uncomfortable. But the scriptures are loaded with people that were politically incorrect to the status quo. Enoch and Moses are examples of people who were ordinary guys who couldn’t speak their way out of a paper bag but they still passed along the message they were given. It caused strife, angst and political turmoil but it was still necessary. Now I’m not saying Donald Trump is a prophet or God’s Chosen One or anything of the sort that overzealous supporters will often allege when discussing their favorite politician – I am just stating that often people with the right message are going to ruffle a lot of feathers and expose the phonies for what they are. I don’t think that the President is a God-King, like many other parts of the world treat their top leaders. They are human and make mistakes.

So that first message that resonated with people was the simple phrase “Make America Great Again”. You know exactly why that resonates – because you know deep down, that it is true. We used to accomplish incredible and great things quite regularly. Now we regularly get out of sorts if a child is seen playing in their own backyard without adult supervision. That’s not great nor courageous. It’s downright embarrassing.

So hopefully you’ll enjoy the content here and let’s Make America Great Again!